Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Day at SeaWorld

How many of you have been to SeaWorld? Well if you haven't it is basically an amusement/waterpark, the unique quality of SeaWorld is that they have the famous orca Shamu and other water animals such as sea lions (maybe you saw it on the documentary "Blackfish") I know I'm horrible for going, every time I watch a show there even though I enjoy it I find myself wondering how these animals live, asking myself if they are happy or not. Note to self: Work on living out your convictions.

Besides that sad note it was a fun day. I got to wear my new bathing suit that I only paid $6.48 for. You just have to love bargains! I went with my godparents and their three year old grandson. They had a bring your friend pass so I tagged along. We started out at Aquatica, the water park, and spent a little over an hour there. Then, we stopped to eat lunch. Unfortunately, it ended up being a pretty lame lunch. I got a kids turkey sandwich because I didn't want anything huge, well I soon realized it was not the same turkey sandwich that was described in the adult meal with cheese and spread instead it was simply a sandwich on a white bread that looked like a hamburger bun and just turkey meat and I got some grapes and lemonade. Kind of disappointing but at least we got food. 

After eating we went to see the show Sea Lion High. Basically it is a show with two sea lions. I'm blanking on their names and they are in high school, but can't graduate because they did not finish a number of classes so the entire show is them going through the final school day going through these classes to make them up and graduate and the sea lions do a bunch of cool tricks and dance moves throughout the classes. It was entertaining. 

After Sea Lion High we made one last trip to Aquatica and made three laps around the lazy river. It was really funny because my godparents grandson was wearing one of those kids life jackets and it had a long black strap thing hanging on it so he kept saying "Ashalyn (my name is Ashlynn) tether the rope" so I would grab onto it and he would just keep repeating "I will pull you back." "I can't do this by myself." "Don't let go, tether the rope." It was hilarious! 

So now I am definitely exhausted. I ended up eating 15 pizza rolls when I got home. I'm not sure how I'm not extremely full right now, but hey I will take it. So  now that I am all showered, in pajamas, and my parents aren't home yet I think I will start applying for college loans. Fun. Fun. 

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