Tuesday, July 14, 2015

First of Goal Setting Tuesdays

I've decided to start something called Goal Setting Tuesdays, where every Tuesday I will set a goal or goals for myself. It can be things such as things to do and get done or personal things I want to work on. Then every Monday I will come back and reflect on how well I did the following week.

Why Tuesdays and not a Sunday or Monday? Well, I don't really have a reason for that, I'm just different.

So, here are my goals for this week...

  1. Actually plan a time to go take my TSI test next week when I get my schedule.
  2. Take care of myself by taking my antibiotics and drinking a lot of water.
  3. Not ruminate while waiting on my doctors call for lab results.
  4. Keep myself busy during the day before work so I don't get depressed. List of ideas to do below...
  • Work on labeling soaps.
  • Make vanilla latte soap
  • Hang up clothes
  • Wash work clothes
  • Walk dog
  • Work on blog posts

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Skin Care Routine: Coconut Oil

If you know me you know I am a big believer in natural skin care products. Our skin, especially the face is highly absorbent and I just don't want to be adding chemicals to that. I believe we are already subjected to enough of it just through everyday life and the environment.

So what do I use to wash my face? The answer is coconut oil. I know, it sounds counter productive, but for my normal to dry skin it actually works, my face looks and feels moisturized, I have less acne, it's the best product I've found to remove makeup, and no it doesn't clog your pores. I've been using coconut oil to cleanse my face for about three months now and I don't plan on changing this routine. So how do you clean your face with coconut oil? Here are some steps...

  • Get a clean wash rag, get it damp, wring out excess water, and microwave for about 20 seconds. This isn't a necessity to get it warm, but I find it works a lot better than a room temperature or cold wet rag. 
  • Use the warm rag and wipe over face to get face damp and open up pores. Then, set rag aside.
  • Get about a teaspoon size of coconut oil in hands and spread between both hands. I recommend an unrefined, 100% pure organic coconut oil, but it doesn't have to be organic. The oil should melt and become the consistency of regular oil.
  • Now wipe oil with both hands all over face, as if you are washing your face with soap.
  • Once oil is lathered on your face, grab your warm wash rag and wipe off oil. You do not need to scrub hard, just enough to get oil off. You might have to go over the same places twice.
  • Now you can wipe your face with a dry rag to get leftover oil and water off. 
Have you ever used coconut oil in your skin care routine? If not, what do you find works best?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Blueberries and Cream Dump Cake

For a while now we have had multiple cans of different pie fillings that have just been sitting there so I decided to try making a dump cake. If you don't know what a dump cake is well, it is literally what it sounds like. A cake where you just dump all of the ingredients on top of each other and it turns into this nice gooey, moist, cobbler like cake.
First off, I must warn you this cake is extremely good, you will want bowl after bowl, and it is extremely easy to make. 

So how do you make this delicious heavenly dessert? First, you will need a 21oz can of pie filling, I used blueberries and cream, I also added more blueberries because I felt the filling didn't have enough. I recommend using frozen blueberries, but I'm sure fresh would also work, you also will need a box of yellow cake mix, and one stick or in my case 8 tablespoons of butter or margarine. (I told you it's all so simple.)
Next you will want to oil or spray your pan with non-stick spray. I used a 9x13 inch pan. Then, open your can of pie filling and spread evenly on the bottom of your pan. This is when I then topped with extra blueberries. Your pan will then look like the picture below. 
Now, open your dry cake mix and spread evenly over this blueberry mixture, then either cut up the stick of butter or measure out 8 tablespoons and distribute throughout the top of the cake mixture. 
Once you have finished this step put your pan in the oven and bake for about one hour and ten minutes or until baked enough to your liking. 

Again I warn you, after you have your first bowl you will be coming back for seconds.